Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Catching Up

Talk about not keeping up with my blog...... I sure haven't.  My last post was before vacation and summer was not quite here.  Now summer is waning ( except for the temperatures), and kids will be back in school in a couple of weeks.

My stitching time seems to be less and less, I'm not sure what the problem is.  Can't seem to find the time to do all the things I want to do.  Work keeps me busy, I'm not sure how I managed when my kids were home, I don't envy all my friends with kids to keep up with.  Makes me exhausted to just think about it!  I guess that is what happens when you get old!  

I am still working on Ruth Bacheler, can you believe that?  I have put her away for the past month or so.  I took an online class with Jackie duPlessis and I wanted to get that stitched and start the finishing.  It is really very pretty, it's called la petite Trianon.  There is much more finishing than stitching, and I really don't care for that!  But the part that I have done it very pretty, I have done the brocade box, the thread winder and the petite bag, there are a few more pieces to finish, but I am pretty slow with it.  

I also have finished the top piece for the Shepherds Fold sewing box from Shepherds Bush.  It isn't put together yet, just finished it last night.  Today I went back to Ruth, she felt very familiar when I picked her up!  When we were on vacation in May we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge where the original lives.  I had requested to see several samplers and of course she was one of them.  The original is in great condition and she is much smaller than my reproduction.  I am stitching from the Scarlet Letter kit, I believe it is 35 count linen and the original must be 50-55 count.  And the colors are amazing, so glad to see samplers that have been cared for.

 Two views of Shepherd's Fold for the lid of the Shaker Box, Very Cute!!!!
 Top of Petite Trianon from Jackie DuPlessis, the next picture gives a better view of what the whole thing really looks like.  Plus you get to see my pretty Cath Kidston Ironing Board cover!!!!

 Blackbird design, can't remember the name of it, done while on vacation this May.  And to finish, my current progress (almost) of Ruth Bacheler.  I actually did the bottom dark olive of that middle flame stitch area and am working on the point just to the right now.  There is not too much more of this left, it is on a scroll so I can't show the whole sampler until I am finished.  I want to get it done but I also want to work on a few things for Halloween and Christmas, but I will get it finished before the end of the year!!  That's it for this time, hopefully I will be a little better in the future!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Finished Sampler

Yay for me!!  I finished the Elizabeth Saville Sampler.  It will be a very pretty addition to my sampler wall. Here is the picture, wrinkled a bit!!

I love the colors, I saw in on a blog and fell in love with it and had to have it!!  Like so many samplers!!  Way too many samplers as a matter of fact.  But it did turn out to be as beautiful as I thought.  I don't know if I have done one where the designer left out parts, the parts I guess that had frayed from the original.  I didn't match exactly what she did, some I went ahead and finished and others I didn't.  But it all looks good now!!  

This one is Ruth Bacheler, I think I am about half maybe a little more than half finished.  It is on a scroll frame so you can't see the top of it. I finished this Irish Stitch part in the middle last night.  It is a pain in my booty!!  I find it hard to make sure I am doing it exactly right, but it did turn out like the picture so I guess I am close.

We are going to Cambridge on our vacation and I have made arrangements to see this sampler in the Fitzwilliam Museum!!  I am excited to see the finished, original product!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring is Here

Spring is here but it is a dry spring this year.  We have barely had a little sprinkle or two.  The azaleas bloomed but they weren't wonderful this year.  The jasmine is almost in bloom on the deck and the lemon and the orange tree make the back garden smell great.  I planted some herbs and a tomato in the back of the house, we had a tree cut down and another one trimmed quite drastically so there is more sunlight back there now.  The plants like it so far but they haven't been blistered by the summer sun, we'll see what happens.

We were in Cincinnati this weekend, visiting the kids.  The grandchildren went to Disney World for spring break and so we heard all about that, that was our kids favorite thing so it was interesting to see how our son enjoyed it again along with his kids.

Here are a few new pictures, first one it called Song of Spring, a limited edition kit from Lizzie and Kate, included the trimmings,material, etc.  Turned out so cute!!!

 The next couple of pictures are the sampler that I am doing from Dames of the Needle, Elizabeth Saville 1841 sampler.  Lots of pretty pinks in this one and it is turning out to be very pretty.  I have made a mistake somehow in the bottom border so I will be doing some of my famous reverse stitching on that!!

And lastly, here is Peter and Peep back from the framers, also very cute!!
Really not much happening, same old stuff.  Work has been crazy as usual.  State inspection a couple of weeks ago, God willing that will be last one I will have to participate in!!!!

I am going to a Lauren Sauer class in a couple of weeks, then to Hilton Head, SC for a work meeting and then vacation the end of May.  So I need to get myself organized to be ready for all that!!

On the Ruth Bacheler front, I have done quite a bit on her as well.  Here is her picture, but I have done quite a bit of stitching on her since this one was taken almost two weeks ago now.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A little of not much

The month is nearly gone and the year is breezing by as well, however my stitching is sloooooooow.  I am not sure why, exactly, but it is a fact that I am not accomplishing much.

However, I did finish an Easter design and will get it to the framer this week.  I don't have many cute little Easter pictures to sit around so this will be something new for Spring decorations.  I do love my little Easter pillow/pincushions and the other things and I almost decided to finish this as a large pillow but then chose the picture idea instead.  As I said in the previous post it is done on a 28 count fabric I think and I overdyed it with strong coffee.  Smells good when you press it!!!

Peter and Peep 

I did change a few things on it, the little star/quilt thingys at the bottom were supposed to be white but that just didn't show up on this fabric so I changed the color to the red that was called for.  Looks ok.

My other project, Elizabeth Saville's 1841 Sampler is coming along.  I tried to take a picture of it yesterday but it didn't turn out very well so I will not post that one.  It is a really pretty sampler and will be a fast stitch, it is a reproduction and has been reproduced with missing stitches.  On some of them I have just kept the border the way it would have been, not sure what I will do with others.  Who will know except me??  Anyway when I get a better picture I will post it. 

Then, lastly I have worked some on Ruth Bacheler, she is a beautiful sampler.  Here is the latest:

Really, she doesn't look much different from the last one, but after last night the alphabet lines are completed  and I even have started on the next alphabet below that last line.  So that was more progress in one evening than I have had in months!!  I have decided to bring her out into the evening stitch rotation and I will have lots more success that way.  I wanted to get the couple of little things done before I started stitching on her more than just occasionally.  I am not very happy about all the mistakes that I have made, mostly in the colors, just by not reading the chart as closely as I should have.  But again, who will know except me?? I did start using a laying tool for the satin stitches, easy to do on this one because I have it in a scroll frame.  That made the stitches look sooooo much better.  

 I noticed yesterday as I was reading the instructions that I can go ahead and do the left Irish Stitch Border as I go with the alphabets.  I like to have a reference of the alphabets because I think I make fewer mistakes that way, sometimes the borders get all wonky on me!!

That's all for this week, for this month I guess. And I can't believe it but UK won their game yesterday over Witchita State!!!!!  Now it is UK vs Louisville next weekend, boy that should be nail biting!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Madness

Yes, it is time for March Madness again, and I do enjoy all the games, even of teams that I really do not care about, however I am and always will be a rabid University of Kentucky fan.  Can't help it, my blood really does run blue.  However, I don't think they have it in them this year, too many players that still seem not to be able to get it going.  They are talented but they need more time together which I don't suppose they will ever have.

On other new, it has been a very rough 12 months.  I have turned into one of those people that I always felt sorry for, so many awful things have happened since last March.  One right after another after another.  And then, I don't even want to think that it is over because I know that it is never over.  I am just grateful that we as a family have been through so much and we have been able to survive and have had each other to lean on when it has been so hard.  I am  thankful to be alive and to have my family.

Now, stitching.  Not much there, seems as if I haven't felt much like stitching the past few months.  I have accomplished some but not much.  One thing keeping up with the blog does for me is to help me stay organized with what I have done (or not done!!).

I started The Manifesto last year as well as Ruth Bacheler, both for the Scarlett Letter Year SAL.  I didn't finish either one, and haven't stitched much on either of them.  I do have them in a rotation now, and will target finishing Ruth Bacheler this year.  The Manifesto is definitely a work in progress so that will be a while to finish.

I did finish a Christmas piece in January, Merry Christmas to Ewe, very cute, it is a Country Stitches pattern. I will take it to be framed, or maybe try to frame it myself, not sure yet.  I also have finished the top or lid portion of the Whitman Sampler anniversary needlework box, also by Country Stitches, it has a few pieces to go with it but I haven't started them yet.  I did start Peter and Peep, also Country Stitches, an Easter design which I will also frame.  It was designed to be done as a large pillow on 22 count material but I am doing it over one on a 28 count linen which I dyed with strong coffee and I am calling it espresso now!!  Definitely on a Country Stitches obsession.  I do have a lot of those designs, I think they turn out very sweet and I like the look of them.

Hopefully I will be on a more regular schedule for blogging, I need routine I suppose.  Here are some pictures of the pieces that I've worked on and a couple of pictures of my tulips which are coming up, springtime in Houston!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I decided to not worry that I haven't blogged in forever, but today I am going to go for it.  I have a few pictures to show what I have accomplished but when you see it you will decide that I have been lazy! And I guess I have.  Definitely not as productive as I would like.  As I have said frequently, life gets in my way sometimes.

It is almost Thanksgiving, the year has just flown by and now here we are at the busiest time.  We had our Thanksgiving lunch at work on Friday, I made the turkey in a big roaster and we all brought some wonderful side dishes.  Everything was so good, we have some good cooks!

Here is a picture of a sampler I just finished, it is called Anna Bender and it is Scottish origin.  It is an old chart from Of Female Worth.

Just under the sampler is a Blackbird design from a couple of years ago, turned out great.    That is it for this time, I have something that is being framed that I will post next time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer is over.....well almost

It has been almost three months since I posted, the summer is almost history.  It has been full of lots of work and not much play, and a lot of unfortunate happenings.  As I have said before life becomes very hard sometimes.  I am trying to keep an even keel but sometimes that is very hard. I feel as if I am swimming way upstream and can't find my way back down, I guess that is a normal thing sometimes.

On the stitching front ( and that is really what this is all about), things are going slowly.  After finishing Dorothy Walpole I started a couple of Scarlet Letter samplers, neither of which have progressed very far.  Way too ambitious I think!!  Manifesto I love, but it is very slow going.  Ruth Bachelor is beautiful but I have kept it in my stitching room and only have worked on it sporadically so it is not progressed far.  It is beautiful even though there is only a small portion done on it.

I have gotten out some fall things to work on and after working on these samplers that go so slowly the other things have worked up so fast!!  I have to say that is gratifying, I guess that I do like instant gratification!!

I have a few picture of things I have been doing, currently besides the two samplers, I am working on a non Scarlet Letter sampler that I have had for years, I have finished a Chessie and Me autumn sampler, a few autumn pincushions, a Blackbird design sewing box, and also working on another Blackbird autumn design sampler.  Also finished a Lauren Sauer piece, Red Rabbit Needlebook.

I will close this quickie post with a few pictures.

So I haven't really been too lazy!