Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn Ramblings

I did a happy dance a few days ago because I finished Ruth Bacheler.  She is certainly gorgeous and now my next question is which Scarlet Letter Sampler do I start?  I want to do at least one a year and I really need to do about four, considering the amount of samplers I have in my possession!! ( and always adding)  I have tried to be much better about what I buy but I still seem to buy way too much for the stash.

It is almost Autumn and we actually got some cool weather this weekend!  That won't last but we can enjoy it for a weekend at least!  I did get out some Autumn pumpkins, no reason I can't go ahead and enjoy those.  And of course my Autumn/ Halloween lovelies.  The yummy smell of cloves is permeating my house, thanks to my filling of pincushions with whole cloves. They are expensive though!!  And it takes quite a few to fill up those cushions!!

Since finishing Ruth Bacheler I have finished a couple of smalls, a Blackbird design, Waiting for Harvest that I will finish into a pincushion and Jolly Jack, a design that I have had for quite a while.  I am going to finish it with some twill tape and hang it from the pumpkin filled mantle, or at least I am thinking that for now.

I am taking another Shining Needle class, this time with Sherri Jones, Mr. Butter's satchel.  Sooooo cute, I have done the "extras" that I bought.  Strawberries and a little needle book, so I have been very busy and productive for a change!  Of course haven't done the actual project yet!

Here is Autumn Fright, from Shepherd's Bush, last year I think, extremely cute!! The others that I finished haven't been put together yet, stay tuned!!

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